Athens Statement for vulnerable Children and Climate Change

Today, on June 3, 2009, in Athens, Greece, high-ranking experts in the field of Climate Change from various countries, from the fields of research, the business sector, organizations of the Civil Society as well as Governmental Organizations discussed the following issues:

  • the Social Dimension of Climate Change, including its effects on health, especially in vulnerable population groups
  • the Endorsement of a Strategic Plan in an international and national context
  • Technological Development and Transport
  • Investment and Financial Needs

And they concluded with the following Statement:

  • For regions, such as the Mediterranean region, where climate change can lead to a significant decrease in rainfall and water resources, to more frequent heatwaves and more intense urban phenomena of ozone pollution, the new scientific and political challenges must be addressed and reviewed.
  • The vulnerable population groups of the Mediterranean, such as the elderly and children with chronic diseases, as well as ecosystems are among those more likely to be afflicted by the destabilization of the climatic system.
  • It is imperative that we adapt to these effects of climate change, checking the intensity of those human actions that have environmental effects on people and the biosphere. While adapting, it is also urgent to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Mediterranean region is particularly suitable for achieving this goal by reinforcing the use of renewable sources of energy and by promoting effective actions and ecotechnologies in important sectors of the economy.

Athens Statement aims at exploring methods in order to contain climate change and adjustment to it, by discussing at the same time the relevant opportunities and restrictions, as well as the challenges for future generations, taking into consideration the reduced durability of the most vulnerable and the poorest part of the population. Within this framework, the statement is an invitation to reinforce international cooperation in this direction.