• On March 11, 2024 a Day Conference was organized by the MKF within the framework of action Ε2.4 of the LIFE-IP AdaptIn GR project. The purpose of the conference was to develop synergies between private and public agencies in order to support the adaptation of different professional groups to climate change.

    The day conference of March 11, 2024 focused on the sectors of Maritime Affairs and Coastal Zones.

    The day conference was coordinated by the President of the MKF, Academician Mr. Ch. Zerefos and the Secretary of the MKF Board, Professor of Environmental Pathological Anatomy at the Medical School of the NKUA, Mrs. Polyxeni Nicolopoulou-Stamati.

    The conference was welcomed by Mr. A. Koulidis, Deputy Director of the Directorate of Environmental Licensing of the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment and Energy (YPEN), on behalf of the General Secretary of Natural Environment and Water of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mr. P. Varelidis. It was also attended by Mrs. A. Gryllia, Chief Secretary of the Directorate of Climate Change and Atmospheric Quality. Mr. H. Prevezas was present on behalf of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Mr. Ch. Stylianidis.

    This was followed by presentations by the President of the MKF, Academician Mr. Ch. Zerefos, Professor-Academician Mr. K. Synolakis and Mrs. Tsalakanidou, Project Coordinator from the Directorate of Climate Change and Atmospheric Quality of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, the Secretary of the Union of Greek Shipowners Mr. D. Fafalios, Chief Captain Mr. G. Maragos and Captain Mr. S. Markoulakis on behalf of the Hellenic Coast Guard. The conference was also addressed by Mr. V. Kapsimalis, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oceanography of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Mrs. P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, Professor of Medicine at the NKUA and Secretary General of the MKF and Mr. N. Kampanis, Head of Laboratory at the Technology and Research Foundation.

    A discussion and luncheon followed.

General view of the participants during the Conference.

Screenshot from Academician Mr. Konstantinos Synolakis’ speech.