Objectives of the foundation

According to the Presidential Decree “On the establishment of a Charitable Foundation” GG
(FEK) 283/Issue Β’/26-4-93 and the P.D. GG (FEK) 4642/29-12-2017 Issue Β’, the Objectives of
the Foundation are summarized as follows:

  • The development of Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on the reinforcement of
    studies relevant to the interaction of man with the environment and with cultural heritage.
    This objective is achieved through the support of research studies and the organization
    of conferences and lectures on various fields of environmental sciences.
  • The award of honorary distinctions in recognition of the contribution of famous scientists
    who are involved in environmental sciences.
  • The award of young scientists who are actively involved in environmental sciences in a
    joint program with the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (§ 7.2.6, 47 session
    WMO Executive Council, Geneva, 1996).
  • The administration of prizes and distinctions which are set up by the Foundation and
    they are related to the objectives of the Foundation both nationwide and abroad.

For the achievement of its objectives, the Foundation collaborates with other Foundations,
Organizations, Research Centers and Universities as well as the international scientific
community in activities aiming at the protection of the environment and our cultural