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Research program Ulysse

The objective of the research program Ulysse is the imaging of the subducted African plate below the SW Hellenic Trench. The research conducted by the Geodynamics Institute of the National Observatory of Athens in collaboration with the French University of Nice-Sofia Antipolis aims at explorating the seismogenic potential of this large mega thrust fault and is an emergency response to the unexpected catastrophic Tohoku subduction giga-earthquake and tsunami in the respective Japan Trench. Coincident multi-channel reflection seismics and refraction seismics including two 250 km long transects crossing the subduction Arc were carried out in the frame of a marine campaign with the seismic French vessel Pourquoi Pas of Ifremers (4-20 November 2012), in the area between Peloponnesus and Crete. For the refraction investigation Ocean-Bottom Hydrophones and Seismometers OBH/S, provided by German collaborating Institutions were used as well as land temporary installed coastal seismographs. The research program carried out thanks to the use of such a specialized infracture that does not exist in Greece and to the funding cooperation of the MKF will provide a unique dataset for the Hellenic research community towards the understanding of seismic hazard in subduction environments as well as the reduce of its adverse impact on the society and environment.


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