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The indoor Air Quality in coaches of the Athens Metro


The indoor air quality in the mass transportation media is not as good as expected and in many cases worse than that of the outdoor environment.

Recently, following reports of the international press, much concern was expressed about the state of the indoor air quality in the metro of large metropolitan cities, especially during the warm period of the year, when the comfort of the passengers was also deteriorated.

The Mariolopoulio and Kanaginio foundation decided to financially support a scientific study of the indoor environment in coaches and platforms of the Athens metro. The study will be performed by a specialized group of scientists of the University of Athens under the supervision of prof. D.N. Asimakopoulos. The study will include the following tasks:

  1. Literature survey.
  2. Study of the environmental and meteorological conditions which support the formation of pollution episodes.
  3. Pilot measurements for the determination of the basic pollutants.
  4. Measurements during different meteorological conditions.
  5. Data analysis and processing.
  6. Suggestions for the improvement of the indoor conditions.


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