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Brief History

The late Professor and Academician Elias G. Mariolopoulos in the latest years of his life got the idea of constituting a nonprofit foundation with the objective of development of the atmospheric sciences, the awards of young scientists studying those sciences and the dissemination of environmental issues in the society.

Professor Mariolopoulos has been working that idea with his collaborators Professor C. Zerefos and Assoc. Professor C. Repapis, Director of the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens, to which Professor Mariolopoulos was superintendent.

Professor Mariolopoulos deceased on 1991 and his late wife Mrs Ekaterini-Nina Mariolopoulos wished to honor the memory of her husband fulfilling his wish and honored also the memory of her parents Petros and Eugenia Kanaginis. Mrs Mariolopoulos worked that thought with Prof. Zerefos and Prof. Repapis and presented the idea of establishing a foundation for the environmental sciences in order to include the agricultural sciences and the environment in general, honoring the memory of her father who devoted his life in the service of these sciences.

The establishment of the Mariolopoulos Kanaginis Foundation for the Environmental Sciences has been achieved by the donation from Mrs Mariolopoulos of the estates of her father Petros Kanaginis.


The Foundation operates according to the National Legacies Greek laws and administrated by the Board of Directors.


The first Board of Directors appointed by its constitution law consisted by the following members :




Vice President






Alternate Member



Mrs. Aecaterini-Nina Mariolopoulos

Prof. Christos Zerefos

Assoc.Prof. Christos Repapis

Dr Georgios D.Mariolopoulos

Prof. Themistoclis Kanaginis

Prof. Constantinos Tountas

Prof. Omiros Mantis

Prof .Panagiotis Ladas

Prof. Ioannis Zampakas

Dr Constantinos Liatsos


In September 25, 1993 during a meeting in Athens, Greece the establishment of a foundation entitled "Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation for the Environmental Sciences" was formally announced following legislation from the Greek Government. Many Greek and foreign scientists and representatives of Organizations concerned with environmental matters were present at the opening meeting and ceremony. At the first meeting of the board of Directors present were the President of the Foundation, Mrs. Ekaterini-Nina Mariolopoulou, the representative of the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Dr. R.B. Bojkov, the Director of DG XII of the European Commission, Professor J.P. Contzen and many other distinguished scientists.

The first meeting of the Board of Directors with the presence of the distinguished representatives of European Commission and WMO.


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