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Meetings - Workshops \ 19-20 January 2009


Regular meeting of the ERA-Net CIRCLE board of directors

Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation for Environmental Studies (MK-F) is the only Greek Institute which participates in the ERA-Net CIRCLE (Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe). In the CIRCLE board of directors participates the member of the MK-F council Dr. Vasilios Tritakis who follows all the ERA-Net issues and works for the collaboration improvement of the MK-F with the other members. In January 2009, it was the turn of the MK-F to organize the regular meeting of the CIRCLE board of directors which takes place every three months in the area of each member, in turn.

The meeting was organized by MK-F in the University building “Kostis Palamas” and it was a great success.

During the two-days meeting all the running issues of the CIRCLE were discussed among which the final review of CIRCLE 1, which closes at the forthcoming Autumn and the preparation of a new proposal CIRCLE 2, that is the extension of CIRCLE 1 for four more years, were the most important.

Closing, the preparation of a new collaboration among the CIRCLE members in the subject of the climatic impacts in the mountain areas had been decided.


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