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Meetings - Workshops \ 29 November - 8 December 2010


Festival "Les Rencontres de la Terre"

On the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity, the MKF coorganised with the Natural History Museum, the NOA, the Greek French Lyceum of Agia Paraskevi, the Patakis Editions and the Conferences Sans Frontieres (France) the Festival GeoMeetings "Rencontres de la Terre".

The second year of the Festival GeoMeetings "Rencontres de la Terre" took place in Athens from the 29th November to the 8th December, 2010. It was a unique opportunity to present the Biodiversity to the public along with it’s role and the consequences of its lose.

The visitors had the chance to attend a documentary film for the sea's biodiversity and enjoy an amazing photography exhibition which combines nature and art. One of the activities was the creation of a Greek Garden in the center of Athens which gave the opportunity to the visitors, children and adults alike, to enjoy, touch, smell and play with Greece's biodiversity.

The Opening ceremony took place at the Megaron of Athens and was dedicated in the memory of Jacques-Yves Cousteau who was born 100 years ago.

At the opening ceremony from left to right the President of the M.K.F. Prof. C. Zerefos, the Ambassador of France Christophe Farnaud and the main speaker from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Prof. Maurice Gedelier.

At "The Garden of Senses" in Klathmonos Square Mr. Pierre-Yves Cousteau.


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