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Athens Declaration on vulnerable Children and Climate Change

Today, the 3rd of June 2009 in Athens, Greece, senior experts from different countries working in the field of climate change came together from various research based institutions, the business sector, civil society organizations, and governmental organizations, to discuss:

  • The social dimensions of climate change including its impact on health, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable sections of the population,

  • The strategy required to promote adaptation efforts within international and national contexts,

  • The role of technology development and technology transfer in this regard, and

  • The importance of targeted investments that address financial needs in respect of climate change action.

We now wish to issue the following Declaration:

  • Significant policy challenges are implicit if we are to adequately address some of the likely consequences of climate change in the Mediterranean region such as the possibility of a significant reduction in precipitation levels negatively affecting the safety and security of our water resources, the increased likelihood of an increased frequency in heat waves, as well as a higher incidence of urban ozone and aerosol pollution events.

  • Vulnerable communities in the Mediterranean region such as the elderly and the very young, especially those already suffering from chronic diseases, are likely to be among those most impacted by any destabilization of the climate system along with a consequent disruption to ecosystems.

  • We urgently emphasize the need to control the intensity of human related environmental impacts on the biosphere and the need for support to efforts required to adapt to these negative impacts. Along with adaptation there is therefore an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The Mediterranean region is particularly suited to achieving this goal if it strengthens use of renewable energy resources and promotes energy efficiency and eco-friendly technologies in important sectors of the economy.

The Athens Declarations seeks to emphasize the need for urgent climate change mitigation and adaptation action. In this regard the Statement discusses the associated opportunities and constraints, taking note of the challenges for future generations and taking into account the reduced resilience of the most vulnerable and poorest sections of the population. The Statement calls for a significant strengthening of international cooperation in this context.


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