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Post GEO Meeting: FP-7 OBSERVE Project

"Strengthening and Development of Earth Observation Activities for the Environment in the Balkan area." is a FP-7 project of trans-Balkan cooperation for development of the Earth Observations for the environment in Balkans.

There is a direct relation between the above project and the efforts of the Greek GEO Office for a common Balkan initiative for joint Earth Observation development. For this reason, the Greek GEO Office had organized a relevant meeting in Athens in June 2009 and very detailed proceedings had been published.

In the OBSERVE meeting held after the GEO plenary meeting in Constantinople, in November 2011, Dr. V. Tritakis participated as an invited speaker representing economical incidences of the Climatic Change in the Greek area as they appear in a recent collective study made under the support of the Bank of Greece. Dr. Tritaki's presentation was considered as very interesting and original because it is the first time where a large scale national work deals with quantitative incidences of the Climatic Change.


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