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The message from Olympia

Time and distance, inventions of the human mind that are not always respected, but surfing at will in time and distance. Inexhaustible information, stacked behind the distance of time in virtually all disciplines, but especially in the biomedical, remain immobilized in the symbolic obscurity beneath the blocks of time, although it is so valuable.

Prisoners of a society that has rails only virtual trains with direct financial burden, a society blinded by the flash of the "fake" gold, we go contrary to the flow of otherworldly powers that have only one goal, the positive development. Within this maze, few in number but also in size, human islets react. These individual souls are drops in a vast wild ocean of dollars, euro, yen and yuan, values doubtful printed on worthless paper, creating an artificial tsunami that is popping once in Europe then in Asia and even in well organized America and merely reflected in stock charts.

Within this turmoil, real or virtual, it is irrelevant, values concepts and millennia knowledge are mixed, dissolved and melted. But, these drops, these people are not carried away by virtual reality, worried and are trying to resist. This is an extremely difficult race, because, unfortunately, over the centuries left to the descendants of the great spirit of antiquity "epigenetic" damage not always favor the convergence of forces.

Organized social structures in time and distance are allowed to penetrate in oblivion, fog and many neglected truths. But, drops, people scattered all over the world, recognizing similarities in their DNA, which march in continuous rather than intermittent timeline will meet in Ancient Olympia, having boarded a lasting multiplier search in order to interconnect and communicate. Seeking the truth and precious knowledge, they agree that it is not ancient, but over time, looking for threads that knit the net of protection of human existence.

They need more than ever to unite the forces of those who do not accept the constraints of time and distance. TIMELESS GREECE ( The Street from Ancient Olympia that opens from 28 to 31 August, broadens interdisciplinary paths that connect humans with the environment and bring together the legend with history, discovering the secret strands connecting magically the sciences. These strands were cut by socially acceptable forces and established over the centuries but that is far away from human nature.

Whether modern society wants it or not, the natural history and evolution require the assumption that man is nothing more than a cell of the universe that has the gift to realize the intangible of time and distance.

P. Nicolopoulou - Stamati, Professor of Medicine at the University of Athens.


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