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The second Annual Progress Meeting (APM) of the representatives of Universities, Laboratories and Foundations which participate in the ERA-NET CIRCLE2 (Climate Impact Research Coordination for a Larger Europe) took place in Lisbon on 29-31 October 2012. A main decision of this meeting was the organizing and launching within 2013 a research project under the title "Adaptation Water-related Social and Natural Systems to Climate Change: Risks, adaptation measures, management options, costs and equity issues, in support to public policies". The MKF, by its representative Dr. Vasilis Tritakis, has expressed interest for participation funding relevant programs which will be applied by Greek research groups. The MKF representative Dr. Vasilis Tritakis intervened during the discussion for the final title of the project, giving to it more socio-economical character, making in this way easier the participation of research groups which contributed to the Bank of Greece project "Environmental, Economical and Social Impacts of the Climate Change in Greece".


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