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  • The 1st December 2013 in celebration of the 80th birthday of Paul Crutzen, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry in 1995, the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry organized a scientific symposium entitled “The Anthropocene” (term established by P. Crutzen). The Anthropocene has been Paul Crutzen’s research interest for the past decade. Paul Crutzen is a member of the board of Directors of MKF since 1997. More.

  • The MKF published the biography of Petros Kanaginis, father of Ekaterini-Nina Mariolopoulos who founded the Foundation. The publication entitled "Petros Kanaginis, his contribution in the improvement of agricultural environment of Greece during the period between the two World Wars". More.

  • The member of the Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation board of directors Dr. V. Tritakis participated in the High Level Working Group (HLWG) for GEO of the European Union, replacing the Greek GEO Principal Professor C. Zerefos. More.

  • On October 7th 2013, the proclaimed award to the memory of Late Professor Elias G. Mariolopoulos was awarded to Haroulis Anastasios student at the Dental School of the University of Athens for his exceptional performance and for fulfilling all criteria set at the announcement of the award. More.

  • On 24-26 September 2013 a workshop took place at the French Institute in Athens entitled : "Earthquakes, tsunamis and sea level change over the long term. Comparative data from Alexandria, Cyprus and Crete". More.

  • The MKF coorganised with the Bank of Greece (BoG) and the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens a colloquium/workshop aiming at studying the socioeconomic consequences to tourism caused by climate change. More.

  • The MKF in the frame work of the programme on the "Dissemination of Environmental Issues to Students and Citizens" coorganised with the School of Applied Arts of the Greek Open University a workshop under the EU Programme "Erasmus". More.

  • At the end of June 2013 the second annual meeting of the representatives in the program CIRCLE2, took place in Paris where the selection of the research programs which will contribute in the program MED2 was made. More.

  • On June 2013 the MK Foundation celebrated the 20th anniversary since its official establishment (1993). The ceremony took place at the gardens of the National Observatory of Athens where late Professor Mariolopoulos served as Director and President. The MK Foundation, member of Europa Nostra, co-celebrated also the 50th Jubille of the Europa Nostra. More.

  • In the frame of cooperation of the Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation with the "Hellenic Institute of Ancient an Mediaeval Alexandrian Studies", the "Hellenic Centre for Marine Research" and the "Department of Geology of the University of Patras", a mission has been visited Alexandria during the period March - April 2013 in which the President and the Secretary of the Foundation Professors C. Zerefos and C. Repapis participated. It was a preliminary mission during which the base of the research has been set.

  • On January the 12th, the ceremony for the cutting of the New Year’s cake took place at the Foundation offices. Present at the ceremony were the President of the Foundation Prof. C. Zerefos, the Secretary C. Repapis, the Treasurer Prof. G. Mariolopoulos and the members of the board of Directors, C. Liatsos, D. Asimakopoulos, A. Karamanos, N. Christopoulos and V. Tritakis. At the ceremony where also invited the wives of the board of Directors, the director of the National Legacies of the Ministry of Finance Mrs Irene Kavasaraki and Mrs A. Antoniou secretary.


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