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  • Participation in the OBSERVE meeting held after the GEO-VIII plenary meeting in Constantinople, in November 2011. More.

  • Participation in the GEO-VIII Plenary Meeting has held in Constantinople on the 16-17th November 2011. More.

  • On the 5-8 October 2011 at Kalavrita NW Peloponnese the Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation for the Environmental Sciences co-organized the 9th International Congress of Hydrology. More.

  • The Award Ceremony "WMO Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund" for 2010 was held on 23 June 2011 in Athens. More.

  • In May 19-20, 2011 the Foundation cosponsored and was represented by his President Professor C. Zerefos the international meeting of the "Union Internationale des Architectes" held in Roma, Italy, entitled "The Architecture of Well Tempered Environment". More.

  • On April 8, 2011 the President, the Secretary and the Director of the Foundation had the pleasure and joy to participate at the celebration held at KEAT (Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blinds) on the occasion of the start of the activities in the "Garden of Sensations". More.

  • On the 24th of March 2011, the third ΕΒΜ (Executive Board Meeting) of CIRCLE 2 held at the Aix-en Provence (Franch). The coordinator of CIRCLE 2 (Coordinating country is Portugal) presented the activities and the progress of CIRCLE 2 during the first year of functioning. The member of he board of directors Dr. Vassilios Tritakis represented the MKF. More.

  • Installment of an automatic meteorological station at the 2nd Lyceum of Nafpaktos and ceremony at Nafpaktos on 13th of March 2011. More.

  • On the 22-23 of February 2011 the official closing of the two-year CIRCLE-Med project took place in the Congress Center of the Aix-en- Provence in South France. Results of all the multi-national programmes of the project were presented and commented through detailed and elaborated presentations. The member of the board of directors Dr Vassilios Tritakis represented the MKF in the meeting. More.

  • Dr Vassilios Tritakis, member of the Board of Directors of MKF, represented the Foundation in a two days meeting at the University of Savoie at Chambery of South France, on 20-21 February 2011. During that meeting the third research collaboration programme of the CIRCLE members was presented and commented. The Climate Change Impacts on mountainous regions is the objective of that programme. More.

  • On February the 5th, the ceremony for the cutting of the New Year's cake took place at the Foundation offices. Present at the ceremony were the President of the Foundation Prof. C. Zerefos, the Vice President Prof. TH. Kanaginis, the Secretary C. Repapis, the Tresurer G. Mariolopoulos and the members of the board of the Directors, C. Liatsos, D. Asimakopoulos, St. Krimigis, N. Christopoulos and V. Tritakis. At the ceremony where also invited the wives of the board of Directors, the director of the Foundation Mrs E. Zerefou and the former director of the National Legacies of the Ministry of Finance Mrs Irene Kavasaraki.

  • In the frame of the project "SPARC/IOC/WMO-IGACO workshop on Past Changes in the Vertical Distribution of Ozone" which is co-sponsored by the MKF, Dr K. Tourpali participated at the meeting held at the WMO Head quarters in Geneva on 25-27 January 2011.

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