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  • The Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation organized for second year the Festival GEOmeetings "Rencontres de la Terre" on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity which took place in Athens from 29th November to 8th December. The festival was co-organized from the Conference sans Frontieres, the Goulandris Natural History Museum, the National Observatory of Athens, Editions Patakis and CAID. This years activities took place in the Klathmonos Spare of Athens, the Goulandris Natural History Museum and the Bookstore Patakis. More.

  • In response to the Historical Community of Souli request, the Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation undertook architectural project concerning the "Cultural building complex reformation in the area of the historical community of Souli Thesprotias". The project is under the framework of the Foundation's purposes on cultural heritage and the environment. The Foundation has assigned the project to the architectural practice ZEREFOS – TESSAS ARCHITECTS.

  • The Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation in collaboration with Benakis Museum co-organized a scientific colloquium on June 5th 2010 on "Design, Architecture & Sustainability". At the colloquium were included invited speakers, renown scientists, architects and sustainable products producers. More.

  • The Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation co-organised with the Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis and the Benaki Museum, the exhibition "greek green greet by droog" which was held at the Benaki Museum from the 4th of June to the 25th of July 2010. More.

  • The European Commission in collaboration with the Greek GEO Office and the support of the Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation co-organized the "4th GEO European Projects Workshop" which was held on 29th and 30th of April 2010 in Athens. More.

  • On February the 13th, the ceremony for the cutting of the New Year's cake took place at the Foundation offices. Present at the ceremony were the President of the Foundation Prof. C. Zerefos, the Vice President Prof. Th. Kanaginis, the Secretary C. Pepapis, the Tresurer G. Mariolopoulos and the member of the board the Directors C. Liatsos, D. Asimakopoulos and V. Tritakis. At the ceremony were also invited the wives of the members of the board of the Directors, the director of the Foundation Mrs E. Zerefou, the civil engineer C. Repapis and his wife Sissi and the architect S. Zerefos and his wife Dora Antonakaki.

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