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  • The Mariolopoulos - Kanaginis Foundation co organized with the NOA, the Goulandris Natular Historal Museum, the French Institute, the GreekFrench Luceum Agia Paraskevi and the CAID Center the Festival "Rencontres de la Terre", which was held in Athens from 12 to 15 October 2009. More.

  • The MK Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education announced awards to high school students from the Prefecture of Nafpactos dedicated in the memory of the late Ambassador Notis Botsaris member of the Board of Directors of the MKF. More.

  • Southeast Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Symposium on "Earth Observation Services and monitoring the Environment and Protecting the General public", Athens, 8-10 June 2009. More.

  • On June 2nd and 3rd the MKF supported the "International Conference on Climate Change and Challenges for the Future Generations". The Conference was under the aegis of UNESCO. More.

  • The proceedings of the Symposium for the 20th Anniverssary of the Montreal Protocol (Athens, 23-26 September 2007) under the title "Twenty Years of Ozone Decline" were published by Springer, 2009. More.

  • Regular meeting of the ERA-Net CIRCLE board of directors, Athens, 19-20 January 2009. More.

  • On February the 7th, the ceremony for the cutting of the New Year's cake took place at Foundation offices. Present at the ceremony were the President of the Foundation Prof. C. Zerefos, the Vice President Prof. Th. Knaginis, the Secretary C. Repapis, the Tresurer G. Mariolopoulos and the members of the board of the Directors C. Liatsos, D. Assimakopoulos, N. Christopoulos and V. Tritakis. At the ceremony where also invited Prof. St. Krimigis and his wife Maria, the director of the Foundation Mrs Zerefou, the consultant architect Mrs M. Mariolopoulou, L. Tritaki, D. Antoniou, the civil engineer C. Repapis and the architects L. Kanagini, S. Zerefos, K. Mariolopoulou and C.Tessas.

  • There are various Research Programs and Studies which are supported and funded by the Foundation.

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