Board of Trustees

The Foundation operates according to Greek legislation, it is governed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee (The Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Secretary) and at the same time it collaborates with a multinational body of expert advisors which is composed of internationally acclaimed scientists.

The current composition of the Board of Trustees is as follows:


Vice Chairman




Emer. Prof. Christos Zerefos, Academician

Dr. Constantinos Liatsos

Emer. Prof. Polyxeni Nicolopoulou-Stamati

Dr. George Mariolopoulos

Assist. Prof. Christos Repapis

Emer. Prof. Demosthenes Asimakopoulos

Emer. Prof. Andreas Karamanos

Alternate Members

Dr. Nikolaos Christopoulos

Assist. Prof. Vasileios Tritakis

Prof. Stylianos Zerefos




Effie Xirotiri

Adamantia Antoniou

Former Members of the Board of Directors

Ekaterini-Nina Mariolopoulos (Chair)

Prof. Constantinos Toundas, Academician

Prof. Homer Mantis, Academician

Prof. Ioannis Zambakas

Prof. Panagiotis Ladas

Prof. Constantinos Kribas, Academician

Ambassador Notis Botsaris

Prof. Stamatios Krimizis, Academician

Prof. Themistocles Kanaginis

Paul Crutzen (Nobel Prize)

1993 – 2004 †

1993 – 2004 †

1993 – 2006 †

1993 – 2004 †

1993 – 2004

2004 – 2008 †

2004 – 2008 †

2009 – 2012

1993 – 2014 †

1995 – 2021 †