INTRODUCTION: This program started in 2015 thanks to the generous funding by the Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation for the Environmental Sciences (hereafter MKF) and is continued with additional funding by the Empirikion Foundation and the Research Committee of the Academy of Athens.

The program is carried out with the active participation of members of the MKF Board (Repapis, Tritakis), of the University of Ioannina (Kostarakis, Christofilakis, Tatsis), of the Astronomy and Applied Mathematics Research Center of the Academy of Athens (hereafter AAMRCAA) (Kontopoulos, Oikonomou) as well as members of the Polish University of Krakow (Janusz Mlynarczyk, Zenon Nieckarz).

The aim of the program to observe/record, process, store and utilize atmospheric electromagnetic waves of very low frequency (ELF) in the Schumann frequency range (2-50 Hz). For this purpose, two systems consisting of special receiving coils and recording devices (loggers) were constructed, the former of which was installed in a rural chapel in the area of Kalpaki/Doliana in Ioannina and the latter in a forest reserve at the top of Mount Parnon in Laconia. The Schumann resonance waves under study (Schumann΄s Resonances, hereafter SR)   are extremely sensitive to external anthropogenic noises (cars, hustle, mobile phones, electrical appliances, etc.), which is why the observation systems are installed in desolate remote locations with difficult human access and far from HPPC networks, mobile telecommunications networks, wind generators, photovoltaic units, etc.  The reason why the observation and study of the SR waves is sought is that these waves are associated with many atmospheric/geophysical phenomena, such as atmospheric electricity (lightning), ionospheric disturbances, the potential prediction of earthquakes, the change in global temperature, as well as a multitude of other phenomena. In general, these waves are dynamically involved in the entire circuit of interactions of the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere system. A particularly interesting field is the potential involvement of SR in biological processes as the basic Schumann frequency of 7,8Hz and its harmonics of 14,21,28,35 ΗΖ are almost identical to human brain emissions. This is a huge research subject that awaits the interest of the research community.

Current situation. The first SR system in Kalpaki/Doliana, Ioannina, (hereafter North) started its operation in 2016 and is still running, with some scheduled disconnections to this day, and accumulates a large volume of data, approximately 2Τb. The second system on Parnon, Laconia (hereafter South) started to operate in 2020 and it takes excellent quality measurements. At the same time, the Polish measurement system has been in operation in the same place since 2020, which also records exceptional observations.

All the observations have been stored in external discs and are about to be organized in the form of a database in a server that will be installed in the Academy of Athens. The creation of the database and the organization of the data for their quick uploading to the server have already begun.

Publications. Details, information and research results can be sought in the following publications made by the members of the research team.

Publications in International Journals:

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Publications in Conferences:

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Publications in Greek:

  1. “Possibility of safe prediction of geophysical phenomena with advanced statistical methods. The case of predicting upcoming seismic activity”. Costas Florios and Vassilios Tritakis. New Developments in Astronomy. Research Findings of Published by the Academy of Athens, 2019
  2. “Empirical-statistical way of predicting earthquakes of a limited spatial-temporal window in the Greek Region based on electromagnetic disturbances of low frequency (ELF)”. Vassilios Tritakis and Costas Florios. New Developments in Astronomy. Research Findings of Published by the Academy of Athens, 2020

Participation in Conferences with presentations:

  1. 3rd Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications (PACET 15), 8-9 May, 2015, Ioannina
  2. 4th Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications (PACET 17), November 17-18, 2017, Xanthi
  3. 14th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics COMECAP 2018, Alexandroupolis, October15-17, 2018
  4. COST-Electronet. Cyprusς—Limassol, September 25-29, 2018
  5. COST-Electronet. Sopron—Hungary, 2019
  6. COST-Electronet. Santander—Spain, February 2020


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Participation in European Programs:

  1. COST Action CA15211 ELECTRONET.