• In the context of the activities of the Mariolopoulos-Kananginis Foundation for Environmental Sciences, the Secretary of the Foundation’s Board, Professor Emeritus at the UOA Ms. Polyxeni Nicolopoulou-Stamati delivered 3 speeches.
    • On 14/4/2022 at the People’s University of Elefsina with a speech titled: “Man, Environment, and Universe: A Reciprocal Relationship”,
    • οn 23/5/2022 at the Open University of Aspropyrgos Municipality with a speech titled: “Climate Change and Virus Infections”,
    • and on 27/5/2022 she was a guest speaker at the 12th Health Conference of Messinia with a speech titled: “Environment and Health: Challenges and Opportunities for a better tomorrow”.
  • On July 4, 2022, during the opening ceremony of the International Radiation Symposium 2022 which was co-organized by the University of Thessaloniki and the Mariolopoulos-Kananginis Foundation for Environmental Sciences, there took place the awarding of the “WMO Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund Award 2022” by the WMO representative, Professor Juerg Luterbacher and the Chairman of the Foundation and Secretary General of the Academy of Athens, Professor Christos Zerefos.
    The 2022 award was presented in half to the following young scientists:

    • To Georgios Varlas for the study “Investigating the impact of atmosphere–wave–ocean interactions on a Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone”
    • And to Kaspar R. Daellenbach for the study “Sources of particulate-matter air pollution and its oxidative potential in Europe”.

A commemorative photo from the award ceremony. From the left, the President of MKF academician C. Zerefos, the award-winner Dr. George Varlas and the representative of WMO Prof. Juerg Luterbacher.

  • On July 4-8, 2022, the “International Radiation Symposium 2022” which was co-organized by AUTH and the Mariolopoulos-Kananginis Foundation for Environmental Sciences was concluded with great success. The symposium took place at the conference center of Thessaloniki Concert Hall with the participation of more than 400 distinguished scientists from all over the world. At this International Symposium, announcements of significant scientific value were made regarding modern methods of monitoring solar and other radiations and there were presented new standards for estimating changes in the total radiation system on the planet. The scientific conclusions are based on both ground and satellite observations and they take on great importance due to the current climate crisis.

A panoramic view of the conference.

The Chairman of the conference Prof. Alkis Bais congratulates the President of MKF academician Christos Zerefos after his speech declaring the opening of the conference.